Fishing Derby, Lake Topaz NV

Had a great time this past weekend with friends and family camping, fishing and hanging out at the 3rd Annual Topaz Ranch Outlaws Fishing Derby at Lake Topaz Nevada.

Good times were had by all.

Derby winning catch (total weight) for the day was 6.9lbs (5 fish limit).

Click below to view video

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Off-roading in Nevada

February 2018

Went off-roading with friends last weekend in the local hills of Nevada near Wellington / Lake Topaz / Minden / Carson City.

Started out in Topaz Ranch/Wellington and rode out in two off-road side by side rzrs on back country trails up Minnehaha Canyon and over Bald Mountain to an old house in the middle of nowhere built in the 1800’s and then we rode on and checked out the hot springs along the Carson river.

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Landing in Atlanta

August 2017

I’ve been flying on airplanes since I was around 6 years old when my parents would put me on a plane and send me to Chicago Illinois to spend summers with my grandparents.

I don’t know why but flying still completely fascinates me every time I get on a plane (which is usually several times a week). The fact I can travel all the way across the entire country in 6-7 hours is awesome.  Read on for more – including a landing video.

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Lake Champlain, Burlington Vermont

August 2017

Took a recent business trip to Montreal Canada and flew into Burlington Vermont to then drive across the border into Canada to my work site.

This was a very interesting, educational and fun trip. By traveling this route ended up saving a good amount of money. It turns out flying into a city near the border was several hundred dollars less costly in airfare than it would have been flying directly into Montreal – plus it was cool that it provided a nice opportunity to explore and experience the local scenery while driving to and from the work location across the border.

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Georgia Day Trip

July 2017

I recently moved from California to Georgia with my family a few months ago and have been busy getting unpacked, settled and set-up for a while now.  Turns out moving cross-country is a lot more work than I originally anticipated!

This past weekend we finally had a chance to relax and get out and explore the local area so we headed out for a drive between the many trees to see what we could see in this vast sea of greenery.

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B&W Photography, Amsterdam NL

Photography is my art.

I love taking photos and trying to compose a nice scene to make a subject look interesting.

Most of my photography is of buildings and places but I like to take pictures of almost anything that I think really captures the look and feel of a person, place or thing.

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