Lake Champlain, Burlington Vermont

August 2017

Took a recent business trip to Montreal Canada and flew into Burlington Vermont to then drive across the border into Canada to my work site.

This was a very interesting, educational and fun trip. By traveling this route ended up saving a good amount of money. It turns out flying into a city near the border was several hundred dollars less costly in airfare than it would have been flying directly into Montreal – plus it was cool that it provided a nice opportunity to explore and experience the local scenery while driving to and from the work location across the border.

This was my very first time traveling to the state of Vermont and I found that Burlington is an incredibly interesting and beautiful town with a lot of history and great scenery.

I have traveled all over America and have also been to Japan, China and a few countries in Europe too and can honestly say that I think Vermont is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. Was not expecting that and was pleasantly surprised. Vermont is like a being inside of a living Thomas Kincade painting.

While driving in and around Montreal Canada and Burlington Vermont (going to and from Canada, a 3 hour drive each way), I visited Ben & Jerry’s famous Ice Cream factory, the Cabot Farmers store in Woodbury (sampling outstanding cheeses), the Von Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe VT where I stayed for one night (the Von Trapp’s are the family that the movie Sound of Music was based on). Went to the Von Trapp Brewery and Alchemist Brewery, which turns out is the home of one of the world’s highest rated (100 point) beers, also visited several other breweries and restaurants which I will write about soon.

Took a lot of photographs everywhere I went and shot a few drone aerial videos of the local scenery too. As soon as I have more time to gather and edit the photos and videos from my various devices (iPhone 6s, Samsung S8, GoPro Hero 5, DJI Spark Drone), I’ll be posting all about the places I mentioned above.

For now, I put together this quick short video below of Lake Champlain that I made while at Waterfront Park in Burlington Vermont.  I’m fairly new to drone photography and am still learning to fly and how to shoot footage more smoothly. Thank goodness post production editing affords the luxury of fixing a lot of footage I didn’t get right but I’ll get better with more practice because videos look so much smoother and nicer when getting it right the first time.. heh 🙂

I look forward to returning to Burlington Vermont someday to spend time exploring the area a whole lot more.

Thanks for reading and watching!


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