Worthy Imperial IPA Beer, Bend OR


While working in Oregon staying in Bend, I found a great locally brewed beer that I liked  while out shopping at a local grocery store. I’ve been to the Worthy brewery many times but this was the first time I’d seen their beers in a grocery store.

This beer is an Imperial Indian Pale Ale made by Worthy Brewing in Bend Oregon.

The bottle label states the following;

Hop lovers rejoice. We use 8 Oregon-grown hop varieties in this big bold balanced beer.

At 8.5 ABV and 85 IBU’s this is one very well rounded great tasting beer. In fact it tastes so good you’ll want lots but watch out because that 8.5% will sneak up on you.

Highly recommend this beer, two thumbs up!


Historic Virginia City Nevada



I’ve been to historic Virginia City Nevada many times before, but always only during the big Street Vibrations motorcycle rally that’s held in nearby Reno.

The motorcycle ride to Virginia City is always fun and the people watching on main street as hundreds of motorcyclists rode up and down the street all day during the rally was always spectacular to see.

On this trip however I got a chance to visit Virginia City on a regular weekend when there was a lot less people and I could actually get around easily and see the many old historic buildings that make up this tiny old western town.

Here’s a mini show below or the sights to see in Virginia City.

I have more stories and photos I’ll be posting soon about this historic town – including a visit to several local historical bars where a lot went down with gambling, drinking and shootings. There is even a crypt in the back of one bar building where bodies were stored
in the late 1800’s during the winters because the ground was too hard to dig graves.

Virginia City is a great town to visit. You’ll learn a lot about western history and how silver (and gold) mining made and broke towns in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.


24 Hours in Venice Italy

I was working in Amsterdam this past summer and had to stay over for a weekend waiting on parts to arrive for my work so during the time I took a quick plane ride to Venice Italy on Saturday and explored as much as I could before having to return back to Amsterdam on Sunday.

Below is a video I made showing everything that I saw while there walking around everywhere.  The scenery, the architecture, history, music and food were spectacular!

24 hours was not enough, I’ll need to go back again someday.


Here are a few of my favorite photos below.

San Felipe De Neri Parish, Albuquerque NM

While working in Albuquerque New Mexico I checked out the old town area and found this cool old Spanish church to check out.

The church of San Felipe de Neri was started in 1706 under the direction of Fray Manuel Moreno, a Franciscan priest who came to Alburquerque [the spelling was later changed to Albuquerque] with 30 families from Bernalillo in 1704 or 1705.

The church was initially named San Francisco Xavier by Don Francisco Cuervo y Valdez, who founded the city of Alburquerque and named it after the Viceroy of New Spain. The Duke of Alburquerque ordered that the titular saint be changed to San Felipe de Neri in honor of King Philip of Spain.

Seeing the Space Shuttle, Coco Beach FL

This is an actual photo that I took of the Space Shuttle about 18 years ago.

I was asked to go to NASA Cape Canaveral in Coco Beach Florida to work on some network troubleshooting and repairs and I ended up working onsite in the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) where I got to see the Space Shuttle being setup and put onto the giant mover that rolls the shuttle from the VAB out to the launch site 3 miles away.

Earlier in the week I drove out to the launch site to see the shuttle all setup on the rocket ready to go – I need to find those photos to post those someday.

Later in the week I was invited to watch the launch and got to see it closer then even the media is allowed to go.

On the Sunday before the launch I got asked if I’d like to go up on the rocket gantry/tower and check out the Shuttle up close and personal – heck yes! They outfitted me in a jumpsuit and taped up the wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs to prevent anything from falling onto the shuttle and I was not allowed to carry anything with me other then my camera.

Went up the elevator and got to walk out and look DOWN on the shuttle – it was scary, there were no safety rails to keep you from falling so I carefully inched my way out to the edge and took this photo of the shuttle looking down on it.  I wish it was more in focus but I imagine my hands were a bit shaky while trying to not fall and take the photo at the same time.

I’ve taken thousands upon thousands of photos over the years and this photo I took below remains one of my all time favorites. I’m glad I got to see the shuttle program while it still existed.